Simple and Advanced Estate Planning

Estate planning is one of the most important processes that a person can do during their lifetime to continue to provide for their family and loved ones upon their death. Without proper, appropriate, and enforceable estate planning, a person's assets are put at risk. These assets may end up with the IRS or state taxing authority, instead of with family members or loved ones.  At Clouser Law, we will analyze the needs and wishes of each client, and work with the client in establishing the appropriate estate plan. For a brief description of what happens if a person dies without a Will and the potential risks they face, please read: ​​

Asset Protection

Asset protection is a set of legal techniques dealing with the shielding of client assets from potential creditors in a civil judgment. Whether you are acting in the capacity of a business entity or as an individual, asset protection is at the center of the most attorney-client relationship. At Clouser Law, we work with each individual client in providing them with the appropriate planning devices for protection of those assets, which they have worked hard to obtain. Effective contract drafting or the appropriate initial classification of a business entity can help to shield your business and protect their assets from potential creditors. For those individual clients who are concerned with potential creditors claims, effective estate planning and other appropriate techniques can help to assure that the client's assets will continue to provide for the client and their family. 

​Probate/Estate Administration

​When a person passes away, the process of collecting and managing assets, paying any debts and taxes, and distributing the remaining property is completed under a court directed process called estate administration.  This process can usually be overwhelming, especially when the decedent is a loved one.  At Clouser Law, we help complete the estate administration process, and allow for a helping hand that can provide peace of mind, during what can be such a difficult time.

Tax Controversy

Clouser Law helps clients manage and settle disputes with Federal and State taxing authorities.  We realistically evaluate each client's taxation dispute and use in-depth analysis in reaching the best possible outcome for that individual client.  Whether a client needs an installment agreement set up or tax litigation advice, Clouser Law can help clients reach a favorable result. 

Federal and State Taxation

Clouser Law helps clients deal with a wide variety of Federal and State taxation issues. Whether a client needs to set up an installment agreement, seek penalty and/or interest abatement, or simply needs advice regarding tax planning, Clouser Law is here to help. The area of taxation encompasses a wide variety of codes and regulations, which can make tax planning difficult for someone that does not study this area of the law regularly and intimately. Clouser Law uses the latest tax regulations and case law in providing their clients with the most up-to-date tax advice and representation. 

Business and Corporate Law

Clouser Law advises and represents clients who are at the beginning stages of business formation, who are in the process of buying and selling a business, and everything in between.  Whether you are an entrepreneur trying to sell your brilliant idea or have been a successful business owner for decades, Clouser Law helps to continued and grow your success with appropriate legal advice and planning.  Clouser Law's specialized drafting of contracts and other start-up documents can be exactly what your company needs to be successful from the very beginning. 

Commercial and Residential Real Estate

Whether you need a deed prepared, are in need of specialized drafting for a commercial lease, or simply need a closing attorney for a home that you are purchasing to raise your family in, Clouser Law advises and represents clients who are involved in a real estate transaction. The selling, buying, or transferring of real estate can be one of the most complex transactions that a company or individual can make. Clouser Law offers competent and dependable legal representation in handling your commercial and residential real estate transactions.